[SOLVED] Microsoft Exchange 16GB Limit

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People who administers Microsoft Exchange does knows that Standard Edition Exchange do have a 16GB limitation on the Storage Group. When the storage is closing to 16GB, I always have to defragment the database. To do that, I have do the followings:

  • Dismount the storage space
  • eseutil /d "X:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA\priv1.edb" /t/temppriv.edb

    while replacing the path to the correct folder on the Exchange server

Another area that requires space (this time is hard drive space), is the transaction log. I have to set a daily backup schedule to backup Exchange, since it will also removes the transaction log.

Now we’re using the Exchange Advanced Server and there’s no more 16GB limit. The next step would be to upgrade the HDD (currently 76GB total space – in RAID5 configuration) so we have more space.

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