[SOLVED] WPG2, NextGEN Gallery & 1and1.com Unzip Utility

I am working on my friend’s site yesterday. She wants to have a photo gallery and wordpress. I checked out Gallery2 and found that there’s a wordpress plugin for it. I installed both (including imagemagick to use with Gallery2) and added the WPG2 plugin. While trying to activate WPG2 on WordPress I kept on getting the message “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error”. I have made sure that I followed the instruction on the readme.txt to the dots, but nothing still comes up.

Therefore I try another plugin called NextGEN Gallery. Everything works great except for the slideshow. Once again I’m stumped on what’s the problem.
When I look at the HTML code, the slideshow code is trying to read a file called “nggextractXML.php”. I try to type in the URL and gets a 404 message. I thought that it was a bug, but I found out that on the server it was listed as “nggextractxml.php”. I download the file to a Windows machine and unzip it using WinRAR. The file name is correct with the upper case.

At that moment, I realized that the problem lies with 1and1.com unzip utility. I have been using the “unzip” command from the CLI and it has always been extracting using the -C option. To solve this I create a “.bash_profile” file under my home directory and added the following line:

alias unzip='/usr/bin/unzip'

If you’re having the same problem as I do, you can either create the file by using the instruction above or run the following command from the SSH:

echo "alias unzip='/usr/bin/unzip'" >> ~/.bash_profile

Or, you could just also download, unzip and upload the Bash Profile

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[HOWTO] Moving Mails Through IMAP

There are thousands of clients out there with thousands of different databases used to save e-mails. Not all database files are compatible with one another. The most notorious of the bunch is PST. I got this idea after reading this article from HowToForge.com. The article mention conversion of PST to Maildir format only, but this can be extended to much more than that.

The most important thing that you need is an IMAP server. You can build the server yourself on a Linux by following the instruction on the link above at HowToForge.com, or from your ISP. Most ISP provides mailboxes with IMAP access.  After you have the connection to your IMAP provider, everything is just a drag and drop. In Outlook, you can drag and drop e-mails or folders to the IMAP server. On the new client, you just do the opposite, drag and dropping from the IMAP server to the new client of choice.

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Things I miss from PC

It has been four months since I have moved from my Windows lifestyle to OSX. It was not easy at first, but I finally prefers to do everything on my Mac than on PC. However, there are still a couple of things that I miss from my PC, so I have Parallels Desktop for the following applications:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
    There are no equivalent of Microsoft Outlook in Mac. Entourage is no where near Outlook (no PST support). I have a long rules and a lot of PST that I have created for my PC and it’d be a pain to recreate everything from scratch.
  2. Pocket PC Support
    I have a pocket PC phone that I sync almost daily for schedule and contacts. Using the pocket PC with Mac actually requires 3rd party software (Missing Sync by Mark/Space). This also enforces my dependency on Microsoft Outlook as my main mail client.
  3. Microsoft Money
    I have been an avid Money user. I have imported all my accounts from years back. I haven’t had really the option to hunt for an equivalent software in Mac.
  4. Windows Media Player
    Avid Mac user would prefer Quicktime player; Linux users would prefer VLC or MPlayer. I had always been a Windows desktop user, so I like WMP. Most Anime are released on codecs that work very well with WMP and CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack). I have tried VLC and MPlayer on Mac, but they tend to crash from time to time.
  5. Internet Explorer
    I uses Firefox a lot, even when I’m on PC. Then why do I need IE? My main usage of IE is for Microsoft CRM (for work) and Outlook Web Access.

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ZyWALL 35 is a nifty and easy to use firewall in a small, yet rack-mountable form factor. Main feature of ZyWALL product lines includes:

  • SPI based firewall
  • IPSec VPN connection
  • Integrated Anti-Virus, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Anti-Spam and Content Filtering through third party service

Overall, this product is a great performer while small in dimensions. The front panel hosts 2 WAN ports and 4 LAN/DMZ ports. The LAN/DMZ port can be configured as LAN or DMZ segment from the web interface. At the back, there’s a PC-card slot which can be used with a wireless card or turbo card (UTM), but not both. There’s also a console port and modem port at the back of the unit. The modem port provides additional backup gateway solution through either 56K connection or ISDN.
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