Vista: now, later or never?

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Microsoft has acknowledged that Vista’s biggest competitor is none other than Windows XP. Windows XP is the standard desktop operating system in most residential and business computers. Even after almost half a year, XP still reigns supreme as king of desktop OS. The most common question that comes with Windows Vista is “Do I need to update?”. Vista is “supposedly” more secure than any other desktop oriented Windows OS, but how much secure is it? Even if it’s more secure, do you need the extra security? I believe that if someone can understand some basic internet safety, Windows XP is a good enough platform for desktop computing. There’s also Linux as the alternative solution for the brave souls.

In business environment, where upgrades usually comes in batches, switching to Vista might require a lot of changes. A lot of software may not play nice with Vista (i.e. VPN Client Software, Anti-Virus software, Accounting Software, etc). Vista also might require some hardware upgrades. One should really ask again, what is the ROI by switching to Vista? There are some who take the middle-ground stance and upgrade as necessary. For example, some companies I know of, only get new laptops with Vista, but will not upgrade existing fleet of laptops and desktops to Vista.

My personal recommendation for home user: If you’re upgrading your computer hardware, you might as well get Windows Vista as long as other software that you’re going to use also supports it.

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