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ZyWALL 35 is a nifty and easy to use firewall in a small, yet rack-mountable form factor. Main feature of ZyWALL product lines includes:

  • SPI based firewall
  • IPSec VPN connection
  • Integrated Anti-Virus, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Anti-Spam and Content Filtering through third party service

Overall, this product is a great performer while small in dimensions. The front panel hosts 2 WAN ports and 4 LAN/DMZ ports. The LAN/DMZ port can be configured as LAN or DMZ segment from the web interface. At the back, there’s a PC-card slot which can be used with a wireless card or turbo card (UTM), but not both. There’s also a console port and modem port at the back of the unit. The modem port provides additional backup gateway solution through either 56K connection or ISDN.
This firewall also available in the UTM platform which includes a turbo card. The turbo card is necessary for running anti-virus and Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP). The firewall also have an anti-spam and content filtering functionality. All these features require subscription in the form of iCard.

What separates this from other ZyXEL’s firewall is the dual WAN port which can be configured in active/active or active/passive configuration. ZyWALL 35 is the lowest level firewall from ZyXEL that has dual WAN connection. The former is usually used in environments where traffic is split among two networks (load balancing). The former is usually used in environments where secondary traffic is only used when the primary WAN port is down.

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