[SOLVED] WPG2, NextGEN Gallery & 1and1.com Unzip Utility

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I am working on my friend’s site yesterday. She wants to have a photo gallery and wordpress. I checked out Gallery2 and found that there’s a wordpress plugin for it. I installed both (including imagemagick to use with Gallery2) and added the WPG2 plugin. While trying to activate WPG2 on WordPress I kept on getting the message “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error”. I have made sure that I followed the instruction on the readme.txt to the dots, but nothing still comes up.

Therefore I try another plugin called NextGEN Gallery. Everything works great except for the slideshow. Once again I’m stumped on what’s the problem.
When I look at the HTML code, the slideshow code is trying to read a file called “nggextractXML.php”. I try to type in the URL and gets a 404 message. I thought that it was a bug, but I found out that on the server it was listed as “nggextractxml.php”. I download the file to a Windows machine and unzip it using WinRAR. The file name is correct with the upper case.

At that moment, I realized that the problem lies with 1and1.com unzip utility. I have been using the “unzip” command from the CLI and it has always been extracting using the -C option. To solve this I create a “.bash_profile” file under my home directory and added the following line:

alias unzip='/usr/bin/unzip'

If you’re having the same problem as I do, you can either create the file by using the instruction above or run the following command from the SSH:

echo "alias unzip='/usr/bin/unzip'" >> ~/.bash_profile

Or, you could just also download, unzip and upload the Bash Profile

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