[HOWTO] Triple Boot Mac OS X, Ubuntu and Windows XP on MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo (Part 1)

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In this guide I will show how I triple booted my machine with the big 3 desktop operating systems: Mac OS X, Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and Windows XP. I get most of the stuff from Ubuntu Wiki and customize it as I go along. I will also outline the places where I get some problem and highlights how I resolve it. I will also skip mundane, easy to do stuff such as turning on your computers, how to open a terminal, etc.

This guide will be separated into three different parts where each parts serves certain purpose.

  1. Partitioning and Installing EFI Boot Menu
  2. Installing Windows
  3. Installing Ubuntu

Each part will also contain FAQ and troubleshooting section for that specific portion.


Partitioning and Installing Boot Menu

  1. If you have installed Windows XP using BootCamp before, you need to remove that
  2. In terminal run the command:
    sudo diskutil resizeVolume disk0s2 81.5G Linux Linux 20G "MS-DOS FAT32" Windows 10G

    This will resize your existing partition (disk0 partition 2) to 81.5GB for OS X, 20 GB for Linux and 10 GB for Windows. The total size of the 3 partitions should match the size reported under size on #2 when you run the following command in terminal:

    diskutil list

    It is advised not to change the partition order

  3. Download and Install rEFIt (open the image file and double click the installer)


Error Mesages:

  1. Resizing encountered error Invalid Argument (22) on disk disk0s2
    Check your sudo command. The most common error is caused by using GB after the size of the partition. The CORRECT command should have a G.
  2. Resizing encountered error The underlying task reported failure on exit (-9972) on disk disk0s2
    Check the your Volume for error. Do a Volume Repair by booting into repair disk or use AppleJack
  3. Unable to get into “Single User Mode” to run AppleJack with rEFIt installed
    After rEFIt installed, Command+S during startup would bring you to rEFIt Shell instead of “Single User Mode”. The easiest bypass is to quickly press Command+S right after choosing the Apple partition on the rEFIt menu
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