[SOLVED] DVD Video Only Runs at Fullscreen

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If you’re on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron), the Multimedia Systems Selector is hidden. You will need to enable this first.

Enabling Multimedia System Selector

  1. Goto System -> Preferences -> Main Menu
  2. Browse to System -> Preferences section
  3. Check the box where it says “Multimedia System Selector”

Changing the Multimedia System Video Output

  1. Goto System -> Preferences -> Multimedia System Selector
  2. Goto Video Tab
  3. Change the Default Output Plugin to “X Window System (No Xv)”
  4. Click OK & Restart Movie Player

Changing the VLC Setting

  1. Goto Settings -> Preferences -> Video -> Output Modules
  2. Check the box that says “Advanced options” at the lower right corner
  3. Change the Video output module to “X11 video output”
  4. Click Save

Changing the Xine Setting

  1. Right Click -> Settings -> Setup (or Alt+S)
  2. Change “Configuration experience level” to “Expert”
  3. Goto Video and change “Video driver to use” to “xshm”
  4. Click Apply, Close then restart Xine
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