[HOWTO] Backup and Restore Cydia Apps

This guide is geared for people who wants to upgrade to the newer version of iPhone firmware, but have too much Cydia based apps to reinstall.

  1. To make life easier, move Cydia out of Categories or unhide it
  2. SSH into your iPhone and run the following command:
    dpkg --get-selections > installed.packages
  3. Transfer the file you just created (installed.packages) to another system/location (I SFTP it into a linux box)
  4. Upgrade your phone and use quickpwn
  5. Reinstall openSSH from Cydia
  6. SSH into your iPhone and get the “installed.package” file
  7. Run the following command:
    dpkg --set-selections < installed.packages; dselect
  8. Run the following command:
    apt-get dselect-upgrade
  9. After everything is completed, run the command:

[HOWTO] Cydia and Installer Is Hidden After Upgrade and Quickpwn

I upgraded to 2.2.1 using iTunes and was hoping to install all my Cydia based apps afterwards. I use quickpwn and decided to install both Cydia and Installer. What I forgot to do was to move Cydia and Installer out of Categories (a 3rd party software to hide icons and create folders). Basically all apps that were hidden using the Categories are now hidden without any way to access them (SSH was not installed after quickpwn).

I found a solution:

  1. Enable Restrictions by going to Settings -> General -> Restrictions and key in a pass code
  2. Go to home and disable the restrictions (by going through the same menu above)

After I do that, all my applications shows up again (except for Cydia based apps which are deleted by the upgrade process).

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[HOWTO] Outlook Error Message “A secure connection to the server cannot be established.”

I keep on receiving the following message “ERROR: ‘A secure connection to the server cannot be established.'” when trying to connect my Outlook 2007 to my mail server. I pulled my hair out thinking that Windows Vista/Microsoft Outlook certificate and trust setting is the problem. I stumbled onto a solution that finally solved it. The problem is my Courier IMAP server.

As it turns out, Outlook doesn’t support SSLv3. I had been using Thunderbird for the longest time without any problem, but since I had to test Outlook 2007 for business purposes.

To fix the issue, I changed my Courier IMAP setting from:

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[HOWTO] Microsoft Outlook Doesn’t Remember The Last View

Microsoft Outlook doesn’t remember the last view. For example, after setting my calendar to Month view, the next time I start outlook, it reverts back to day view.

Run outlook with the /cleanviews switch. (For x64 Vista I run the following command: “c:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice12OUTLOOK.EXE /cleanviews”)

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