[HOWTO] Backup and Restore Cydia Apps

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This guide is geared for people who wants to upgrade to the newer version of iPhone firmware, but have too much Cydia based apps to reinstall.

  1. To make life easier, move Cydia out of Categories or unhide it
  2. SSH into your iPhone and run the following command:
    dpkg --get-selections > installed.packages
  3. Transfer the file you just created (installed.packages) to another system/location (I SFTP it into a linux box)
  4. Upgrade your phone and use quickpwn
  5. Reinstall openSSH from Cydia
  6. SSH into your iPhone and get the “installed.package” file
  7. Run the following command:
    dpkg --set-selections < installed.packages; dselect
  8. Run the following command:
    apt-get dselect-upgrade
  9. After everything is completed, run the command:
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