Android on iPhone

To spare typing and posting time, I’ll post the link to the guide that I followed:

That link is actually for a Linux, so I uses VirtualBox and a Linux (Ubuntu) image file. From there I followed most part of the guide.

However I’ll post my observation (on 2G):

  • It’s running way too sluggish
  • Call sometimes doesn’t work (stuck at the calling, but not really dialing)
  • Phone becomes really warm and battery drain is too much
  • There’s not enough button
  • Overall condition is not really usable for daily use

Couple notes:

  • If Wifi connects but browser not going anywhere, try the DNS fix
  • All “adb” type commands require the download of SDK
  • If Virtual Box can’t connect to the iPhone when doing the ‘./oibc’ portion, you may need to shut down and restart your virtual machine (including the Virtual Box itself)
  • Going to Apple’s recovery mode (for upgraders) from the openiboot would require you to hold the “Menu” button after choosing the iPhone mode

Post comments for questions and help on how to install iDroid.