[SOLVED] App2SD Missing Apps after restore – nandroid-mobile.sh to /sd-ext shows Read-Only file system

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On Friday, I finally pulled the trigger and moved to CM7 Nightly. That night, I also found wildmonks kernel for CM7 Nightly, so I run nandroid backup before installing the kernel. Everything seems good and peachy. I also really liked the new animation for screen on and off.

Today I received notification of a new nightly available. Since ROM Manager works best with ClockworkMod recovery, I flashed it and do a full backup. When I moved to the new nightly built #34, I found that Tasker crashes all the time. So, I restored to my backup from this morning. Alas, the restore procedure always got stuck at the “Dalvik-Cache”.

I tried to do wipe cache and dalvik-cache and restart. The CM7 loaded, but all my App2SD installed apps are missing. After probing here and there, I finally decided to switch back to Amon Ra recovery, adb into the system and perform the nandroid restore manually.

Everytime nandroid try to restore the sd-ext partition, it always shows that the tar unable to create directory because the partition is mounted as read only. After forcing an rw mount and the problem persists, I finally was about to give up. Then I was thinking if it’s possibly due to the ext4 filesystem. Finally I reformat the partition using ext2, upgraded to ext3 and perform the manual restore (using tar) and it works.

Finally I got my system back to the Friday midnight backup. I flashed my new kernel and got everything back working.

So, if you find yourself unable to restore ext partition when using App2SD and ext4, try to revert back to ext3.

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