Life in 0 and 1 is supposed to be about the life of an IT personnel in this binary world. This is my story. Originally, this site is designed as my notebook as an IT professional. The content are mainly the challenges that I face in a day’s work and how I overcome it. Hopefully some of this information can also be used by others that face the same type of problem.

When I graduated from college in 2004, it seems like the job market is so saturated. There was very little chance for entry level jobs. I started as a Level 3 network tech support that sometimes also wears the hat as product manager on certain occassions. There I learn a lot of amazing technologies in details. My favorite so far are DSL, Firewall/IPS system, and VPN technology. Slowly I transitioned and moved into their IT department.

Initially, they needed a part time IT because they are lacking IT personnel. I shared some of my support time with IT time. After proving my competency, I became a full time IT personnel and slowly gained recognition. This is my life, this is my story.

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