[SOLVED] Visual Studio 2012 Throw Web Server Could Not Be Found Error When Creating New DotNetNuke (DNN) 7 Project

Error message received from VS 2012 when creating new DNN C# compiled project:
The Web Application Project DNNModule1 is configured to use IIS.
The Web server ‘http://dnndev.me/desktopmodules/DNNModule1’ could not be found.

At the host name “dnndev.me” to the bindings of IIS 7

[SOLVED] iPhone Stuck In Boot Loop

After installing a Cydia app, my phone is stuck in a boot loop. I can only see the silver apple logo which after about 10 minutes or so turn into a silver spinning wheel then reboot again to the silver apple logo. If you update your Cydia regularly, it should installed a Mobile Substrate update which allow you to enter a “safe-mode” environment and uninstall the offending Cydia app. To enter this mode, reboot the phone and press the “Volume Up” button.

Open Letter to 1and1 CEO about that their support SUCK

Dear Mr Mauss,

I’ve been including you in some of the discussions I have with your support team and to tell you that I’m disappointed is an understatement. Not only they lie that there’s no problem, they don’t even bother reading through what I write and suggest things that I’ve already pointed out that I’ve tried.

I’ve been a customer for almost 9 years (since the day 1and1 started a trial in US and I was only a college student). Whenever there’s a discussion on which hosting company to recommend, I usually jump in and refer 1and1 as the host. There are some argument against 1&1 especially their support, I’ve always point out that for the past x years I’ve never even have to talk to support.

Over the past week, your admin team decided to remove a feature which has been essential to my hosting package. This feature have been working for a few years and it suddenly stopped working over the long weekend. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will be able to provide if you need to. However, my experience with your support team may be important:

1. I first noticed an issue on 5/28 and created a ticket that day
2. Went back and forth a few email and finally I was asked to call in based on an email on 5/29 at 3:19pm (PDT)
3. I didn’t have the time to call until last night, or actually midnight today 5/31 at 0:38
4. During that 31 minutes call they assured me the rep mentioned that I have followed the instruction as mentioned in the FAQ and this is indeed a problem and she will escalate it
5. At 3:13am today, I received an email that basically say “nothing is wrong… it may seem wrong, but it’s not”. This email is the one that upset me the most. It’s either a lie or a completely incompetent tech, because I can prove it otherwise easily. If I’m a regular joe, I might be thinking “oh, okay.. most probably my fault…” However I proved it otherwise on my subsequent email
6. I sent the email today (5/31) at 10:26 (PDT), which I include you in the email. It’s a really long email which also describes what I’ve done to troubleshoot and why it’s still a problem.
7. At 1:10pm (PDT) I received an email from your support team suggesting the thing that I’ve tried and do, which both doesn’t work and doesn’t apply to me. I replied at 2:05pm and he gave me a totally bogus answer at 2:26pm.
8. When I pointed out that his answer doesn’t make sense at 2:45pm, another tech support replied and confirmed that the answer won’t work on my case and asked me to do something which I already did and I also mentioned it on earlier emails which is part of the quoted section of the email. This specific tech responded at 4:14pm and didn’t even bother reading the thread or understanding the problem. He practically just said “yep, that don’t work, try this” where THIS is the FAQ that I’ve mentioned in the beginning (since 5/28)
9. I finally had enough and called in your support phone line again and this time it lasted 56 minutes. Once again it ended with “we can’t do anything, we have to escalate this”.

Your tech is moving in circles and doesn’t get the problem solved at all. Please check the following two links. In 2010, 1and1 is considered one of the 5 best hosting company by popular opinion. In 2012, not anymore. If you googled, it will show how many people actually have problem with your support.

2010 article: http://lifehacker.com/5545568/five-best-personal-web-hosts
2012 article: http://lifehacker.com/5911651/five-best-web-hosting-companies

HOWTO: Colors On Mac Terminal & Hash Checking (SHA1SUM & MD5SUM)

Why color? This will increase productivity and reduce eye strain. A quick look and you can get a quick overview of the content being displayed.

  • Enable colorized file listing (ls) – add “alias ls=’ls -G'” to ~/.bash_profile
  • Enable colorized vim
    1. Run “sudo vi /usr/share/vim/vimrc”
    2. Add the following lines to the top:
      syntax on
      filetype plugin on
      set ruler

Hash Checking
Add the following lines to your “~/.bash_profiles”:
alias md5='md5 -r'
alias md5sum='md5 -r'
alias sha1sum='openssl sha1'

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