[SOLVED] Migrating Google Reader from GMail to Personal Domain Google Apps with Starred Setting

I was using a mix of personal domain email and GMail for a long time. I now migrate to Google Apps and find that Email and Calendar can be transferred easily. The harder one to figure out is how to export the starred items in my Google Reader. Here’s how to migrate starred items.

  1. Login to your gmail (old account)
  2. Goto Settings -> Import/Export
  3. Export OPML file and save it
  4. Goto Settings -> Folder/Tags
  5. Check the box for “Your Starred Items”
  6. Above that, click on “Change Sharing” and choose “Public”
  7. Click “View public page” (preferrably on a new tab) and click on the “Atom Feed” icon
  8. Copy the URL to the clipboard
  9. Logout of your old account and login to your NEW account (works with account switching too)
  10. Goto Settings -> Import/Export
  11. Import the OPML file you downloaded earlier
  12. Go back to Google Reader main page
  13. Click on “Add a Subscriptions”
  14. Paste the URL from the public page atom feed
  15. You will now have a new feed for all your old starred items. Star each of them now.
  16. After you star each of them, you may remove the atom feed and also delete the other feeds from your old account.

[SOLVED] iPhone 3GS Stuck in DFU (Black/White Screen)

My 3GS was on 4.0 JB and I tried to update to a clean 4.3.3 using sn0wbreeze. Alas, it went into DFU during the restore and never came back. I have inclination that it may have something to do with boot animation. I tried to use iReb, fixrecovery, redsn0w, limera1n, etc but nothing works. Regular iTunes restore always returns with error code varying from error 21,22, 23, 1600, etc. But, I noticed one thing, when I tried to use redsn0w, it seems that the phone reboots, shows a blank white screen then go back to black screen and stuck there.

I was about to give up when I stumbled upon iRecovery. First try, it doesn’t work. It complains about not finding the phone. So, I tried to use redsn0w to restart the phone and see that glimmer of white screen and see if iRecovery would be able to hook itself to the boot session during that moment. So, I fired up redsn0w and repeatedly run the command “iRecover -s” in the command prompt. I basically pressed up and entery over and over during the process.

The first try didn’t work and I have to redo it again. The second was the charm and it JB properly.

Latest iRecovery Version Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?nmn25bnjzy3
LibUSB Win32 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ywhxqzdoimg/iHackintosh%20iRecovery%20Package%20for%20Windows%20&%20Mac.rar

[SOLVED] run32dll.exe Application not found

After virus removal using your favorite AV or Anti-Malware, you may run into a problem of missing run32dll.exe. This happened to me after running BitDefender Live CD on a computer infected with MS Tool malware. Other symptoms includes instances where shortcuts to applications not running.

  1. Use notepad.exe (if you’re unable to launch, use another computer or any file that write a text file) and write the following:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    @="\"%1\" %*"
  2. Save the file as fix.reg and run it.
  3. Reboot your computer

[SOLVED] Word 2007 Cursor Constantly Blinking Rapidly Between Busy and Arrow

The first symptom I notice is that whenever I open MS Word 2007 is that the cursor would constantly blink rapidly between the busy and arrow. The second symptom I notice is that after a while, I’m getting “There is insufficient memory or disk space” error.

After scouring websites advising about changing the normal.dot file and still having the problem, I found another site that recommends deleting printer from the “Devices and Printers”. Before I tried that, I change the default printer to “PDFCreator” and it solves the problem. I didn’t have the time to troubleshoot it, but it maybe SNMP or network related, but documents actually prints just fine. So I’ll leave it at this for now.